What we do

Branding and Marketing Services

Solution with impact

With a customized approach, Centrix will develop a marketing plan around your needs to communicate who you are and why you stand out from competition. Maximize your results with a tailored marketing program that creates messaging that is clear and precise, an identity establishing your world class brand, and collaterals that clearly portray your unique benefits within your target market.

  • Logo and identity development to establish the first impression
  • Corporate positioning messages that give your market a clear understanding of who you are, what you do, and why they need you
  • Collateral design and development that will make you look good, help your representatives sell more effectively and will continue selling long after the presentation is over
  • Direct marketing programs to pinpoint your specific unique message right to your specific, unique audience
  • News and media relations management that brings your newsworthiness directly to the proper media channels
  • Sales presentations as a tool to improve your sales process through stronger supporting visuals
  • Multi-media presentations that enable your message to be delivered without the presence of a salesperson as effectively as it is delivered with a salesperson present

Pharma Communications

An expert recognition program from Centrix will give you the tools you need to get invited to the right tables at the right time. From authoring bylined articles to being included in the industry's leading trend stories, you'll quickly be recognized as an authority.

  • Case study development and placement to show your market the positive experiences of their peers in using your products and services
  • Bylined article development and placement that enable you to craft your message exactly the way you want and place your articles in healthcare's leading publications and Web sites
  • Speakers' bureau to help you identify the best speaking opportunities and get you and your customers a place at the podium
  • Media training and presentation development to ensure your media face time and presentations are crafted professionally and effectively delivered