What we do


Participate, Optimize and Collaborate Medical Knowledge

Centrix Healthcare CME is a unique platform for gaining the most up-to-date knowledge in new medical and surgical methods, based on scientific studies and evidence-based medical practices. We bring together world’s most knowledgeable and qualified faculty who are the best in their fields and passionate about education.

Centrix-Healthcare has network of more than 10,000 physicians across 30 countries in all major medical specialties. We work closely with top physicians and KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) in United States and Europe, roping them on advisory of Centrix Healthcare. Centrix Healthcare manages international speakers by bringing them to India and Asia Pacific to speak on the latest topics in the form of CME/Workshop. These speakers are primarily involved in leading ongoing international trials and provide the insight and latest clinical outcomes to target physicians in India and Asia Pacific region.

Centrix Healthcare has rich experience in providing end-to-end solution to Pharmaceutical companies, from deciding the topic of CME/lecture to logistics to event management of selected speakers for CME.

Few of the recent CME and speakers managed by Centrix Healthcare are as follows:

Dr. Salim Yusuf: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Hans Brunner: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Paul Ridker: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Philippe L'Allier: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Bjorn Dahlof: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Stephen Wiviott: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Benjamin Scirica: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Ronald Schimider: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. C. Michael Gibson: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Alexandre Mebazaa: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Kenneth Jamerson: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Paolo Palatini: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. G. Di Sciascio: Leading Cardiologist
Dr. Om P. Ganda: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. Ralph A.DeFronzo: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. John Bernard Buse: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. Vivian A. Fonseca: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. Harold Lebovitz: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. Richard Kahn: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. Julio Rosenstock: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. Philip Home: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. John (Jack) Leahy: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. Richard Pratley: Leading Endocrinologist
Dr. Einhorn Lawrance: Leading Oncologist
Dr. Ramesh Ramanathan: Leading Oncologist
Dr. Michael T. Teixido: Leading Laryngologist
Dr. Robert Vincent: Leading Laryngologist
Dr. James Thomas: Leading Laryngologist
Dr. Chris E. Forsmark: Leading Gastroenterologist
Dr. Stephen B. Hanauer: Leading Gastroenterologist
Dr. Martyn Partridge: Leading Pulmonologist
Dr. Pantelis Sarafidis: Leading Hypertentionist

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