What we do


Centrix provides support in enabling health professionals to experience personalized and interactive product presentations online-wherever and whenever they choose. A particular doctor chosen by a particular pharmaceutical company is provided a pre-configured personal computer with all the necessary applications preloaded and web cam to see and speak with a sales representative. In exchange for receiving the hardware and software the doctor is contracted to communicate to all the pharmaceutical company representatives enrolled in the system at a minimum set frequency per month.  A typical interactive session lasts around 10 to 15 minutes. During the call the physician and sales representative (via a videoconferencing system) view and listen to a multi-media presentation about the promoted product and have the opportunity to discuss any points. During the eDetailing session, the physician would be able to interact with the sales representative via video and audio in real time. This technology provides an effective interactive medium for efficient medical communication. Centrix with its proven expertise in web technologies can provide unique platform for pharmaceutical companies to effectively communicate with physicians.