What we do

International Conferences

Keeping abreast with latest advances

Today, getting onto the podium at your preferred conferences is no small feat. More competition- Tighter restrictions. Centrix can help you manage the deadlines, develop the abstracts, work with your customers, even design and script your presentations. You will find yourself in front of audiences that matter the most.

  • Centrix Healthcare possesses media rights for major international conferences, thus making us your one stop media partners.
  • Centrix Healthcare helps you keep a track on the molecules of your interest through presentation done in international conferences.
  • Conference coverage provided in the form of CD-ROM and booklets.
  • Speakers' bureau research and management to help you identify the best speaking opportunities and get you and your customers a place at the podium.
  • Presentation development and scripting that combines effective messaging
  • Application writing and process management to ensure you meet all the deadlines and present an application that will give you the best chance of being selected
  • with world class visuals

Public Relations

Who's reading what? Who knows? A PR program from Centrix will get you the most coverage through case studies, bylined articles, feature stories, cover stories and personalized distribution of your press releases. With the experience of a thousand healthcare placements under our belt, we're ready to tell your story.

  • News and media relations management to give you the frequent exposure in the media that builds buzz and momentum around your brand
  • Case study development and placement to show your market the positive experiences of their peers in using your products and services.
  • Bylined article development and placement that enable you to craft your message exactly the way you want and place your articles in healthcare's leading publications and Web sites
  • Feature story pitching and placement show your market that you are always identified as one of the leading companies and healthcare thought leaders