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Pfizer the world's largest research-based biomedical and pharmaceutical company. Headquartered in New York, with major research and development locations in the United States and England.

The Challenge:

Pfizer India newly launched its smoking cessation medicine called ‘Champix’ in India. Pfizer was seeking an innovative and cost effective medium to reach masses, in order to educate and bring awareness among Indian youth about the deadly results of smoking and the solution to quit smoking using their product Champix.


Centrix Technology a leading online medical communication and technology company having more than a decade experience in portal and content solution helped Pfizer to build online community www.champsclub.in for educating and bring awareness among youngsters to quit smoking using Champix.

The project involved complete design and development of the website including content, latest updates and technology support.


The community portal helped in building awareness among Indian youth about the health hazards of smoking and reach masses using Centrix competency in portal community development and content creations. The portal helped communicating to masses about Champix—a new prescription medicine and accompanying support plan designed specifically to help smokers quit.